We are pleased to receive applications that correspond to the funding goals of the Palatin Foundation.

Application submission

We accept your application exclusively via the application platform. Blind applications will not be answered.

The next deadlines for submitting applications are as follows:

Education: February 10, 2023 and June 30, 2023
Training: February 10, 2023 and June 30, 2023
Medical Research: June 30, 2023

Please take the time to inform yourself about the funding regulations and the procedures on this website.

We communicate with applicants in both German and English.

For research projects, please note that the Palatin Foundation requires information on the status regarding approval by the ethics committee. The Palatin Foundation accepts research applications that do not yet have a completed approval. However, funding will only be paid out after approval has been obtained.

We examine the applications in a two-stage procedure. As soon as we have checked your preliminary application, you will hear from us again. There is a possibility that we will have to reject your application after the preliminary inquiry; however, if it is accepted, we will ask for further documentation on the project. Generally, we usually request the following documents:

  • Information about the organization and project partners
  • Project description with information on: duration, geographical focus, objectives, target group(s), innovative aspects, risks, benefits, transparency and monitoring, communication and networking, financing plan and budget
  • Annual reports of the last two years (as long as there is no new project)
  • PR material (to the extent available)

We may contact you to obtain additional oral information or to arrange a meeting with you.

Please note that pending applications that have not been submitted will be automatically deleted after 12 months.

Evaluation criteria

We attach great importance to the evaluation of your application.

Completeness of the application

The application will only be submitted to the entire Board of Trustees for decision once the necessary information has been obtained and all open questions have been answered. It is possible that we will ask to talk to you beforehand.

Target Group Conformity

In principle, only projects that clearly benefit children, teenagers and young adults will be considered.


The Palatin Foundation only supports projects for which there is a special need. This need usually arises from the fact that:

  • the state and private support for those affected is insufficient or non-existent and/or
  • children, teenagers or young adults are clearly disadvantaged in their opportunities or run the risk of becoming so. These may include children and young people who live in poor circumstances, have a difficult family situation, have limited access to education, are ill or disabled. Other needs that are not mentioned here are also possible.


    It is important to us that the projects try to generate a sustainable benefit for the target group and/or are long-term oriented.


    We consider it important that the quality control and the quality development of the projects are guaranteed.


    The projects should be creative, innovative, well thought-out and/or solution-oriented in their approach and procedure. We check that there are no parallel structures to the project that could lead to a competitive situation.

    Overall impression

    Finally, we draw a conclusion from the evaluation of the individual criteria and include considerations that are significantly independent of the evaluation criteria.


The partnership and a regulated cooperation with the partner organizations are very important to us.

We enter into a written agreement with all project partners, which regulates the modalities of funding and reporting.