The Palatin Foundation supports, initiates and leads projects in the research and practice fields of education and training. It supports projects in medical research and works together with one partner on humanitarian aid worldwide.

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The Palatin Foundation was established in 2011 and is based in Basel. It is committed, within the scope of its purposes, to providing future opportunities for children, teenagers and young adults.

As an independent foundation, we support projects that are not, or only partially, financed by the public sector and private organizations.

We focus on projects that are completed within a certain time period, cover a special need, guarantee quality and are sustainable.

Our commitment is based on partnership.

The Palatin Foundation is subject to the foundation supervision of the Canton of Basel City (BSABB) and is a member of swissfoundations, the Swiss association of charitable foundations

Foundation Board

As the supreme body, the Board of Trustees manages the foundation's assets, determines the direction of its funding activities and decides on project contributions.

Jacqueline Burckhardt Bertossa President Responsible Education
Thomas Brunner Member of the Board Responsible Training
Prof. Dr. Alexander Grob Member of the Board Responsible Education
Dr. Alex Hediger Member of the Board Responsible Education
Prof. Dr. Gustav von Schulthess Member of the Board Responsible Medical Research

Business Office

Annette Graul is responsible for project funding activities as well as leading and managing the foundation's projects.


Annette Graul
+41 (0)79 523 47 72