We are looking foreward to receive applications from organisations that meet the Palatin Foundation's funding goals. In order to avoid unnecessary administrative effort, please check before submitting the following:

  • only children, teenagers and young adults benefit from the project
  • the project is implemented in the Basel region, in Switzerland or in one of Europe's regions affected by poverty
  • it is a practical or research project in the field of education and/or training or it is in the field of medical research
  • the project meets the goals within the funding fields of education, training or medical research

Please also note what the Palatin Foundation does not support:

  • Construction projects
  • Projects in favour of individuals
  • Projects in favour of small target groups
  • Projects that benefit adults
  • Projects that are not limited in time


Supporting family structures enable children to grow up in a sheltered environment, which in turn forms the basis for their future self-determined life.

In the field of education, the Foundation is committed to supporting the development of conducive conditions for less-favoured children, such as foster children, sick children or children of sick parents, children living in difficult situations or in poverty-stricken areas. They should be given the chance to receive the in the mission of the foundation described basis important for later life.

The foundation also promotes research in these areas and the strengthening of those areas where there are gaps in state provision.


A good formal an informal education that encourages free and independent thinking is the foundation for a self-determined life and openness. The Palatin Foundation therefore supports and launches projects in the field of educational training to promote the self-determination and ability to participate of children, adolescents and young adults.

Included are research projects.

Medical research

Only a mentally and physically healthy society can achieve the goals of the Palatin Foundation.

The Foundation therefore supports research into diseases and development of healing possibilities. In turn, the projects are directed in particular at chronic or life-threatening diseases that already occur in childhood or adolescence or among young adults.

The Foundation supports clinical research projects with a maximum contribution of CHF l00,000 per year for a limited period of up to two years. It supports research projects limited in time to two years or provides start-up financing for longer-term research projects.

Follow-up applications will not be approved.

If you are unsure whether the project meets the funding goals of the Palatin Foundation, you can obtain further information at projekte@palatin.ch