MEKiSmini - Media Education in Day Care Centers in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there have been no scientific findings to date on questions of the use and deployment of digital media in daycare centers for children. This is where the two-year research project of the Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit FHNW "MEKiSmini - Nutzung und Einsatz digitaler Medien in Kindertagesstätten der Schweiz" comes in. The research project focuses on the question of which developments, challenges and needs exist with regard to the use and deployment of digital media in daycare centers in Switzerland. To this end, existing infrastructures and offerings, perceived potentials and obstacles of digital technologies, as well as needs for support and further training among professionals will be surveyed. For the study, daycare centers that care for socio-economically disadvantaged children will also be considered in particular. The research project consists of quantitative surveys of professionals and parents as well as workshops with professionals:

Building on the results, foundations will later be laid for the promotion of media skills among professionals in daycare centers.

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