STARTKLAR Youth & Career

The aim of STARTKLAR is to ensure that as many young people as possible start an apprenticeship and complete it successfully. The media project strengthens interdisciplinary and cross-professional skills and personal resources, especially among those with learning difficulties.

STARTKLAR is a national media project for young people choosing a career and starting an apprenticeship. The film and work material provided for classroom use increases young people's awareness of their resources and skills, improves their motivation, and helps reduce stress and conflict. It supports both mental health and enjoyment.

The focus is on five cinematic portraits of learners, three of whom had very unfavorable starting conditions and one of whom experienced an unfavorable teaching trajectory for health reasons. The three thematic films on motivation, stress, and communication, as well as the three films on vocational preparation, provide insight into what young people want and what their situations are like. They stimulate discussion and new insights.