Careleaver Network Basel Region

Young people who have grown up in homes and foster families sometimes have no support from the state and no family support after they turn 18. Such so-called careleavers are left to fend for themselves at a very early age.

The network of and for careleavers in the region of Basel should be the first point of contact for careleavers from this region. In the network, careleavers have the opportunity to share their story with other former care and home children, to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to move on together. They have a network that supports each other with knowledge and experience.

The association also actively enters into dialogue with professional organizations, does awareness work in the field of Leaving Care and represents the concerns and interests of careleavers before politicians, society and the public.

Twice a month a "Careleaver Träff Region Basel" takes place in the youth center Purple Park. Do you feel addressed as a careleaver living in the region of Basel? Here you can find more information:

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